InnerWorks Group, LLC
Is an Atlanta based organization of professionals committed to assisting individuals and organizations in creating personal and organizational transformation
from the inside out.
Our process is based on two key words:
awareness and willingness

Awareness of issues blocking forward movement and
Willingness to accept the responsibility to change…self or the organization, or both.

“I would follow him anywhere”

“She hypnotizes the room”

A great leader connects... people want to shine for them.
Interpersonal skills are key… in inspiring others to action.

Interpersonal skills are the key to leadership competence. Great leaders know themselves, and others. They create trust which is the pulse for motivation. They create a vision and inspire people to action… they create the dream...the vision, and the motivation.

Authenticity creates credibility and trust.

InnerWorks Group, LLC works with individuals and organizations on the inner work required to be authentic and motivated, to create exceptional results.

We are experts in the development and selection of human capital, and the leadership skills that take an organization to the summit.

We have dealt with the human capital side of mergers and acquisitions, turnaround leadership, accessing and interpreting the driving data from the pulse of the organization that will make top leadership successful in achieving results.

  • Coaching Leaders, High Potentials, & Derailing Executives
  • Motivating and Leading During Change
  • Identifying & Developing Strategic Competencies to Meet Business Needs
  • Diagnosing & Mediating Conflict to Build a Stronger Team
  • Building Team Trust & Communication

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly”
Richard Bach– “Illusions”